Monday, January 18, 2010

New education books January 2010

Jones, Phil (2009). Rethinking childhood: Attitudes in contemporary society.
305.23 JON

Fogarty, Robin (2009). Brain-compatible classrooms (3d ed.).
370.152 FOG

Glasgow, Neal A. & Hicks, Cathy D. (2009). What successful teachers do (2nd ed.).
371.102 GLA

Brighouse, Tim & Woods, David (2008).what makes a good school now?
371.200973 BRI

Bonk Curtis, J. (2009). The world is open: How web technology is revolutionizing education.
371.3344678 BON

McNaughton, Glenda & Williams, Gillian (2009). Techniques for teaching young children: Choices for theory and practice (3d. ed.).
372.11024 MAC

Prochner, L.(2009). A history of early childhood education in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
372.2109 PRO

Sangster, Margaret & Catterall, Rona (2009). Early numeracy: Mathematical activities for 3 to 5 year olds.
372.7 SAN

Openshaw, Roger (2009). Reforming New Zealand secondary education : The Picot Report and the road to radical reform.
379.93 OPE

Diaz-Rico, Lynne T. & Weed, Kathryn, Z. (2010). The crosscultural, language, and academic development handbook:A complete K-12 reference guide (4th ed.).
428.0071 DIA

Monday, April 27, 2009

New education books 27th April 2009

Beckerleg, T. (2009). Fun with messy play: Ideas and activities for children with special needs.
371.904486 BEC

Bentzen, W. R. (2009). Seeing young children: A guide to observing and recording behavior (6th ed.).
155.40723 BEN

Connolly, B. (2008). Adult learning in groups.
374.22 CON

Curtis, D., & Carter, M. (2008). Learning together with young children: A curriculum framework for reflective teachers.
372.210973 CUR

Empowered to learn, Whakamana ki te ako: Te Whariki for infants and toddlers (2001). [DVD] [NZ title]
372.210993 EMP

Gibbs, C. (2006). To be a teacher: Journeys towards authenticity. [NZ title]
371.102 GIB

Hatch, J. A. (2007). (Ed.). Early childhood qualitative research.
372.21072 EAR

Killen, R. (2007). Effective teaching strategies: Lessons from research and practice (4th ed.).
371.102 KIL

Konza, D., Grainger, J., & Bradshaw, K. (2003). Classroom management: A survival guide.
371.1024 KON

Marsh, J., & Hallet, E. (2008). (Eds.). Desirable literacies: Approaches to language and literacy in the early years (2nd ed.).
372.6 DES

Rawlings, A. (2008). Studying early years: A guide to work-based learning.
372.210711 RAW

Robins, A., & Callan, S. (2009). (Eds.). Managing early years settings.
372.21 MAN

Monday, April 20, 2009

New education books - 20th April 2009

Absolum, M. (2006). Clarity in the classroom: Using formative assessment.
371.1020993 ABS

Emerson, L. (Ed.). (2007). Writing guidelines for education students.
371.30281 WRI
Fullan, M. (2008). What's worth fighting for in headship? (2nd ed.).
371.2012 FUL

Kehily, M. J. (2009). An introduction to childhood studies. (2nd ed.)
305.231 INT

McNeil, F. (2009). Learning with the brain in mind.
370.1523 MCN

Snook, I. (2003). The ethical teacher.
174.9372 SNO

Spence, C. M. (2008). the joys of teaching boys: Igniting writing experiences that meet the needs of all students.
372.623081 SPE
To see takes time: Growing curriculum from children's theories (2004). [DVD]
372.19 TOS

Monday, March 23, 2009

New education books - March 2009

Crowther, F., Ferguson, M. & Hann, L. (2009). Developing teacher leaders: How teacher leadership enhances school success. (2nd ed.).
371.106 DEV

Fullan, M. (2008). What's worth fighting for in the principalship. (2nd ed).
372.12012 FUL

Garrison, D. R. & Vaughan, N. D. (2008). Blended learning in higher education.
371.3 GAR

Haley, K. L. & Heise, K. (2008). Building the successful online course.
371.3344678 HAL

Morgan, N. B. (2004). Integratng music and movement with literacy.
372.6 INT (DVD 23:18 minutes)

Pagnucci, G. S. & Mauriello, N. (Eds.). (2008). re-mapping narrative: technology's impact on the way we write.
371.3344678 REM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New education books - January 2009

Coates, M. (2008). The constant leader: Maintaining personal effectiveness in a climate of accelerating educational change.
371.2 COA

Davies, B. & Brighouse, T. (Eds.). (2008). Passionate leadership in education.
371.2 PAS

Davis, A. (2007). Teaching reading comprehension.
372.47 DAV

Designing work students can’t resist [DVD] : a teacher’s guide for engaging and motivating students to achieve at the highest possible level. The MASTER Teacher and Clear Channel Entertainment.(2005).
370.1540973 DES

Drewery, W. & Bird, L. (2004). Human development in Aotearoa: A journey through life. (2nd ed.).
155.0993 DRE

Duncan, J. & Lockwood, M. (2008). Learning through play: A work-based approach for the early years professional.
155.418 DUN

Elliott, S. (Ed.). (2008). The outdoor playspace naturally for children birth to five years.
712.7 OUT

Gibbs, L. (2008). Policy development in early childhood settings: From idea to evaluation.
362.70218 GIB

Hart, B. & Risley, T. R. (1995). Meaningful differences in the everyday experience of young American children.
401.93 HAR

Intervening and re-engaging disengaged students [DVD]. Clear Channel Entertainment & The Master Teacher. (2005).
370.1540973 INT

Maiden, C. (2008) An energetic life.
378.111092 MAI

May, H. (1997). The discovery of early childhood.
372.210993 MAY

Ray, K. W. & Glover, M. (2008). Already ready: Nurturing writers in preschool and kindergarten.
372.623 RAY

Reindeer, H., Moore, N. & Lewis, M. (2008). The international student handbook.
378.170281 REI

Friday, September 01, 2006

New books in the library

Here are new education books, as at 1 September 2006. They will go on to the new books display for a week and then on to the shelves unless borrowed:

Blended learning and online tutoring; a good practice guide, by Janet MacDonald.

The power of critical theory for adult learning and teaching, by Stephen D. Brookfield.

Developing critical thinkers; challenging adults to explore alternative ways of thinking and acting, by Stephen D. Brookfield.

The exceptional child; inclusion in early childhood education, by K. Eileen Allen and Glynnis E. Cowdery.

Understanding child development; linking theory and practice, by Jennie Lindon.

101 learning and transition activities, by Bradley Smith.

Making choices for multicultural education; five approaches to race, class, and gender, by Christine E. Sleeter.

Beautiful beginnings; a developmental curriculum for infants and toddlers, by Helen Raikes.