Monday, April 27, 2009

New education books 27th April 2009

Beckerleg, T. (2009). Fun with messy play: Ideas and activities for children with special needs.
371.904486 BEC

Bentzen, W. R. (2009). Seeing young children: A guide to observing and recording behavior (6th ed.).
155.40723 BEN

Connolly, B. (2008). Adult learning in groups.
374.22 CON

Curtis, D., & Carter, M. (2008). Learning together with young children: A curriculum framework for reflective teachers.
372.210973 CUR

Empowered to learn, Whakamana ki te ako: Te Whariki for infants and toddlers (2001). [DVD] [NZ title]
372.210993 EMP

Gibbs, C. (2006). To be a teacher: Journeys towards authenticity. [NZ title]
371.102 GIB

Hatch, J. A. (2007). (Ed.). Early childhood qualitative research.
372.21072 EAR

Killen, R. (2007). Effective teaching strategies: Lessons from research and practice (4th ed.).
371.102 KIL

Konza, D., Grainger, J., & Bradshaw, K. (2003). Classroom management: A survival guide.
371.1024 KON

Marsh, J., & Hallet, E. (2008). (Eds.). Desirable literacies: Approaches to language and literacy in the early years (2nd ed.).
372.6 DES

Rawlings, A. (2008). Studying early years: A guide to work-based learning.
372.210711 RAW

Robins, A., & Callan, S. (2009). (Eds.). Managing early years settings.
372.21 MAN

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